Corporate Overview

Corporate Overview

Camgar Consultants, specializing in WDS-II and other Progress based software applications, was founded in 1996 by Gary Mittleman. Previously, Gary led the WDS-II division for its Canadian distributor. When the distributor decided to close that division, Camgar was formed to provide ongoing support for the existing customer base of 6 WDS-II customers.

In the ensuing years from 1996, Camgar's customer base has grown to over 20 client organizations using a variety of Progress based applications (including WDS-II) to run their distribution businesses, on a wide variety of Progress versions, and UNIX platforms.

In addition to providing software maintenance and customization services to its clients, Camgar also provides one-stop out sourced IT management services for organizations without in-house IT departments, assuming responsibility for all aspects of clients' data requirements.

Services such as UNIX system administration, network design and installation, hardware installation, network installation and troubleshooting, etc. are provided through a group of associates, each of whom are specialists in their specific areas.


We are very happy to announce Version 2 of the WDS-II Email PDF package that now allows for job scheduled reports to be emailed as PDF attachments.

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